Продажа оборудования для автомоечных комплексов


Innovative technology that allows a new approach to the process of cleaning the interior of the car

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Cleaning conveyor

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Innovative technology that allows a new approach to the process of cleaning the interior of the car. A comfortable room for customers while waiting for their car. Each employee specializes in their own type of work. We are pleased to offer you our experience in implementing various projects in Russia and the CIS.

We have implemented a unique technology for cleaning the car interior on a moving conveyor.

The speed of movement is from 2 to 6 meters per minute. Quality and productivity are increased by the division of labor.

Car interior cleaning Conveyor

Individual configuration, high throughput due to the division of labor.


Up to 6 cars on the conveyor at the same time
Different conveyor lengths are possible depending on the layout of the building
Division of labor on the conveyor
Each employee specializes in their own type of work


Cleaning conveyor - detaling services
Convenient format of communication between the manager and the client to offer detaling services


Quick cleaning from 10 minutes
Thanks to the division of labor of employees, the speed of work increases


Dry cleaning area
A comfortable room for customers while waiting for their car


Attracting customers
Innovative technology increases the attractiveness of the car wash complex for customers



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Innovative technology that allows a new approach to the process of cleaning the interior of the car.
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The salon cleaning conveyor is a profitable investment!

Faberon Group of companies — we are engaged in the creation of car washes of any type. The car washes built by us are rightfully considered one of the best in Russia, since modern technology is created for the convenience of customers, and due to the built-up technological process, maximum car body washing speeds are achieved with stable quality. The facilities are equipped with high-quality components from the German manufacturer "DICO Technik GmbH".

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We save up to 15% of the budget
We develop an individual project for free. The cost of the equipment costs you less than ordering from the manufacturer.
High-quality equipment
High-quality time-tested equipment from the world leader in the field of automatic car washing DICO Technik GmbH.
Why we

Why else should you contact us?

When concluding a tripartite agreement with DICO Technik GmbH and Faberon, you exclude the risks of transit of funds through the dealer, but at the same time you are provided with warranty service and assistance in the delivery of equipment.



When concluding a direct contract for the purchase of DICO Technik GmbH tunnel equipment, the contract price includes the design documentation of existing car wash complexes. This will allow you to save time and use the experience we have accumulated.



Faberon provides an opportunity to train future maintenance engineers for your complex on the basis of our facilities under the guidance of certified specialists trained at the DICO Technik GmbH plant



Leader of innovations in the field of automatic car washes

DICO Technik GmbH is not only a global market leader, but also a leader of innovation in the car wash industry. The list of our innovations is rich: from the invention of the first portal car wash to the continuous improvement of equipment for tunnel sinks, commercial/truck car washes and self-service car washes. From innovative digital solutions to novelties in the field of cleaning chemistry. All DICO Technik GmbH innovations are consistently aimed at meeting the changing needs of customers and car wash owners.
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