A complex of modern equipment for non-contact removal of dirt
from the surface of the car

Self-service car washes

Technological cabinet with equipment for 2-3 posts

The ideal solution for cramped conditions. Easily integrated into existing buildings. A large selection of programs.

Self-service car wash for 1 post

Independent free-standing washing station in insulated housing. It is installed on the customer's foundation, in an open area / under a canopy. Stainless steel case. The design includes all the necessary elements for the management and operation of a self-service car wash.

Additional programs
to expand the capabilities of your business

Pre-washing using an insect removal program

Two washing systems using one washing gun, applying a thick layer of foam

Two washing systems using one washing gun flushing with the same gun

Washing with active foam with a clean brush of softened mud film

Technologies for optimizing the car wash business

The central vacuum cleaner will perfectly complement the multi-post self-service car wash. Optimal use of the area of your car wash. Offer more to customers: body wash is followed by cabin cleaning

Self-service vacuum cleaners. Single or double self-service vacuum cleaners are an integral part of the washing process

A machine for washing mats. The device for washing mats is equipped with a powerful brush that quickly and efficiently cleans the mats

We have been selling equipment for car washes in Russia for more than 10 years