Продажа оборудования для автомоечных комплексов

Portal car washes
for trucks

The reliability and versatility of the equipment is the key to the success of your business

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Functional system
– economical operation

Moving washing portal with two side brushes. Travel speed up to 14 m/min. Double washing of an 18-meter truck takes about 7 minutes.

Precision in control
– excellent washing results

The electronic control of the brush press for optimal tracking of any surface of the car provides an excellent washing result.

Operating terminal with transponder card reader

The card reader allows you to control the car wash according to the program recorded on the card.

Bottom cleaner

The bottom cleaner removes dirt from hard-to-reach places in the chassis area

High pressure arch

The high-pressure arch cleans hard-to-reach areas of the car.

The arch of the detergent supply​

The reagent spray arch provides the best washing results

High-pressure washing along the contour ​

The rotary device moves along the contour of the car. The beam moves along vertical guides on belt suspensions

High pressure washing rotors​

6 rotors, each with 4 nozzles, on each side of the portal Effectively cleans tanks, garbage trucks and other trucks with uneven surfaces


A wide range of programs for all types of vehicles Special programs for washing dump trucks, tractors, for bypassing spoilers, bus mirrors and others

We have been selling equipment for car washes in Russia for more than 10 years