Продажа оборудования для автомоечных комплексов

Portal car washes
for passenger cars

The reliability and versatility of the equipment is the key to the success of your business

Benefits for you and your customers

Wash and dry two cars at the same time.

If speed is needed, then the SoftCare2 portal system fully implements its capabilities. In different zones of the two portals, two vehicles are washed and dried simultaneously, thereby increasing the capacity of up to 20 cars per hour.

• Separate zones for washing and drying allow you to get a very high throughput
• The upper and two side brushes will optimally wash the car along the entire contour
• * Thanks to the powerful contoured upper and side blowing nozzles, the maximum result is achieved.

Increase your sales with car wash equipment and care products

Successful business with the fastest portal car wash

Ideas that emphasize the individuality of your car wash business

""Foam Sensation" - Foam with an amazing effect

A perfect addition to the existing pre-washing system with foam: Foam Sensation completely covers the car with a solid, illuminated colored curtain. The backlight turns the usual washing process into a performance with a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

""Star Track" guide rails - The original motion indicator in the washing portal

Innovative «Star Track» guide rails will make it easier for your customers to enter the portal. The visitor immediately sees a light signal that changes color depending on the stage of the washing process. In combination with the «FoamSensation» LED lighting rail turns an ordinary car wash into an unusual exciting light show.

"SofTecs® Pur" - Carefully and carefully to the paintwork

Our advanced material «SofTecs®» — «SofTecs® Pur» very carefully and accurately affects the paint surface of the vehicle. Due to the higher rotation speed and the duration of brush contact with the car, «SofTecs® Pur» can be even more efficient and gives the best results.

"WheelFlash", "WheelJet" - A solution for shiny wheels

«WheelFlash» allows you to apply cleaning chemicals more precisely
to the entire surface of the discs, providing shine in any
configuration. «WheelJet» will reliably clean both large and small disks.
Poppet brushes with diagonal overhang will make even 21“ discs brilliantly clean.

"MultiFlex" - Perfect cleanliness of the curved surfaces of the rear of the car

Whether it’s the trunk of a hatchback, seats under the rear spoiler or rounded rear windows: conventional vertical brushes do not reach some places. We offer «Multiflex»: side brushes equipped with a tilt mechanism in the longitudinal plane, allowing you to thoroughly clean the surfaces under the rear spoilers and over the wheel arches.

FlexStream - Chemical application, washing and drying in one module

Multifunctional full-turn modules «FlexStream»
provide complex application of chemicals, high-pressure washing and drying. The system works particularly efficiently, thanks to the stepless 360° rotation of the unit.

Amazing cleanliness of the high-pressure sink

«SoftCare2 Pro» with high pressure function. In this
configuration, special high-performance turbo
injectors remove large dirt from the car body
«SoftCare2 Pro Touchless» — a completely contactless or
combined with brushes washing option.

Effective opportunities to increase sales and throughput

Time is money, especially in the car wash business

Firstly, for your customers who will be happy to wash their vehicle without spending a lot of time. Secondly, for you as the owner, the shorter the washing time, the higher the throughput and, accordingly, the revenue. SoftCare2 Pro portal sinks will provide an effective opportunity
to increase throughput. For example, using ultra–fast express programs that will give brilliant results within a few minutes. This will please your customers – and you too.

We have been selling equipment for car washes in Russia for more than 10 years