About WashTec AG

Year of foundation: 1885
Headquarters: Augsburg, Germany

The history of WashTec begins in 1885 in Augsburg

Hans Kleindienst founded Kleindienst GmbH & Co. KG. In the same year, Karl Friedrich Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and their designer Wilhelm Maybach managed to produce the world’s first gasoline car. Many years later, as a result of several mergers, the company California Kleindienst GmbH emerged, which was already a leading manufacturer of equipment for car washes. Thus, as a result of the merger in 2000 of the companies WESUMAT and California Kleindienst, the company WashTec AG was formed.

On August 8, 1962, the Augsburg firm WESUMAT filed a patent application for the world’s first «installation for automatic car washing». It was a two-brush installation, which, during the washing process, circled on rails around a standing car. Thus, the foundation was laid for a new service sector, the annual turnover of which in Germany alone exceeds 1.3 billion. euro.

The history of entrepreneurial success continues to the present day: WashTec AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of car wash installations. The company, which has more than 1,600 employees, produces, sells and carries out maintenance of a complete range of car washes for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

WashTec is a world leader in innovative solutions in all aspects related to car washes. The company is represented by subsidiaries in the main European markets and independent dealers in 60 countries around the world.

WashTec is the market leader in the car wash industry with the largest fleet of installed car washes in Europe, a full product line and a service network with more than 500 representatives of its own service personnel.

The world's largest range of car washes and car washing solutions:

The WashTec AG product range includes automatic portal car washes for cars and trucks, washing equipment for self-service car washes, automatic tunnel conveyor car washes, water purification and recycling systems and detergents for car washing.

About the WashTec Group

Ideas that determine the global trends in the development of car wash technologies.

WashTec is a leader in innovative solutions for car washing. More than 1,800 employees in more than 80 countries are creating the future of the car wash business. WashTec products, processes and solutions provide car wash owners and end customers with excellent washing results and the best experience. In addition, our technologies and products define the standards of the washing business all over the world.

WashTec corporate philosophy.

Our main corporate goal is the maximum benefit for the client.

We offer our customers, end users and owners of car wash equipment the maximum quality for their business success.
Sales and profit are not the goal, but the result of our work.

We are specialists in the field of automatic vehicle washing.

We are focused on the field of automatic washing of vehicles and understand all the processes and technologies related to this in all their breadth and depth.
We combine science and technology into the best solutions, including service services, throughout the entire life cycle of equipment.

We are an innovative company.

We are still curious and actively looking for opportunities to identify potential for improvement and implement it quickly.
We do not stop there, but constantly strive for improvement.

We are industry leaders.

Leadership for us means setting an example of development and seeing industry trends. We provide a professional and creative environment for the successful development of our employees and our company.
Trust, fairness and regular training — that’s what cooperation with us is based on. Both within the company and with business partners.
We guarantee that the functions and responsibilities are clearly distributed, and we know that we can rely on each other to fulfill them.

We see ourselves as entrepreneurs at WashTec.

We are professionals in our area of responsibility, we set ourselves the highest tasks and continuously develop our skills.
Each of us sees the overall picture of the industry and contributes to its development. We help each other and share our knowledge.
Within our areas of responsibility, we make decisions and take responsibility for them.